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Andrew's Place - Shelter Rules

    Major Shelter Rules

  1. No going in and out of the building
  2. No admission after 7:00 PM without permission
  3. No going through other people's possessions
  4. No alcohol, drugs or weapons on the premise
  5. No sexually explicit words, actions, pictures, books or videos
  6. No loud, violent or abusive behavior of any kind
  7. Mandatory savings for residents with income
  8. Mandatory daily shower and change to clean clothing
  9. Minor Shelter Rules

  10. No eating or drinking outside the designated area
  11. No smoking inside the building.
  12. All bags and packages must be stored in the designated area.
  13. No wandering outside the designated area of the shelter
  14. Everyone must neatly make their bed each morning.
  15. No personal possessions may be left in the bedrooms or common rooms.
  16. Everyone must be out of the shelter during designated hours.
  17. Residents who have been drinking will not be admitted for supper.
  18. Residents who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be admitted.

Rule Violations:

Clients who violate any major shelter rule will be asked to leave immediately. Clients who violate any minor shelter rule will receive one warning. If they commit a second violation they will be asked to leave. Any Category 1 or 2 client who is asked to leave the shelter may not return for 48 hours. Any Category 3 client who is asked to leave the shelter for a rule violation forfeits his remaining time for that calendar year. All cases will be reviewed by the executive director, who will interview all the parties involved. Serious or repeated rule violations will result in a longer suspension or in the person being barred permanently.